Why Is The Price of Gold and Silver Dropping?

If you want to know why the price of gold is falling over the past several months, watch the video below, or read the short summary.

Why is Gold Falling?

Watch this Video Below

The video is an interview with Peter Schiff where he explains why the price of gold has been falling and what is the long term forecast for gold – 2014 and Beyond?

If you don’t have 10 minutes to watch this, here’s a brief summary:

The Fed is pulling the wool over most investors’ eyes right now by printing money at will.  Pumping it into the Stock Market and sending false impressions that we’re in some kind of a successful recovery.  Well, we don’t need to buy gold if the stock market is kicking butt, right?  After all, gold is a safe haven, isn’t it?

The problem is…the Fed can’t continue at this pace forever.  This debt monetization by debasing the dollar is sure to push investors back to gold and silver.  Soon.

And this correction is providing investors who were on the fence about Gold IRA Investing with a prime opportunity to step in and convert a portion of their retirement accounts (IRA’s and 401k’s) to gold and silver, right now.

“The worst is yet to come” says Schiff.  Those looking to preserve wealth should seriously consider, if they have a sizable portfolio, to diversify right now.

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