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Physical Gold IRA: Save Your Assets from the Shackles of Devaluation and Inflation

With every passing day your savings are getting debased. From the looks of today’s economy, in just a few years, its value could take a significant tumble…

…which brings us to a critical question that every investor and IRA holder should ask themselves:

Why rely on something you can’t control?

Paper money is only worth what the government decides. Digital assets like stocks and bonds are excessively vulnerable to recession. So why put all your savings into one basket- a weak one at that?

Experienced investors know the devastating effects of relying solely on high risk assets like fiat currencies, bonds and stocks, which is why a good portion of their savings is always invested in precious metals- especially gold.

Smart IRA owners religiously back the funds in their IRA with gold. In fact, expert investors recommend that at least 10 to 20% of your investment should be contributed to precious metals.

Converting IRA Account to Physical Gold

This is the only way to combat the devastating effects inflation can cause. Gold is the ultimate retirement asset.

Gold is the money of kings; silver of gentlemen; barter of peasants; debt is the money of slaves

- Norm Franz, author of Money and Wealth in the New Millenium(2001)

We as a nation are in $ 16,827,250,301 in debt; an amount that is constantly increasing every second.  This situation can boost the “printing” of more bills, making the ones we have worthless.

Physical Gold BarsThe only way to fortify your savings from losing value is through a precious metals IRA. No government can “print” it out of thin air to fulfill their needs. Precious metals, like gold, will always remain a priced possession.

How can Inflation affect non- Physical Gold IRA Account Holders?

As an example, let’s say your retirement savings is $ 500,000.  How do you know if $500,000 would be enough to live a financially secured retirement?  One way to assess is by looking at its purchasing power. Can it buy everything you need?

If yes, then that $500,000 is sufficient, but with the prices of commodities increasing and purchasing value of dollar decreasing, that $500,000 probably won’t be worth the same for long.  That might sound a bit oversimplified, but you get the idea, right?

Gold to Fiat Money ChartWith the swinging economy, political atmosphere and government regulations, fiat currencies can get devalued fast . What might seem like a huge savings might not be worth much in the future.

During an economic crash, you can’t opt to press the reset button to restore the economy back to a blissful state, but what you can do is become a smart investor by switching to a physical Gold IRA.

Gold is good money. Due to its scarcity, it is valuable. In fact, unlike stocks, bonds and other high risk assets, the value of gold peaks during an economic crash.

It is impossible to run out of money from gold.

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What is a Physical Gold IRA?

A Physical Gold IRA refers to a type of precious metals Individual Retirement Account that is backed with physical gold.

Coins and bullion were once considered collectibles and were forbidden as investment assets, but since the Tax Payer Relief Act of 1997, certain types of coins and bullion are now allowed.

You can back your IRA or 401k account with gold via two methods- through a self-directed IRA or a 401K Gold IRA Rollover.

Take Charge of the Future

The Gold Backed IRA was created for savvy investors as a means of recession-proofing ones investment portfolio. Plus, with the value of gold increasing, investing in it has proven to be a profitable decision time and time again. Instead of relying on the Social Security system, that can vanish anytime, you can instead choose to invest your money in a more reliable asset- a physical gold IRA.

The future of an economic market can be very scary. You never know what is going to happen the next minute. However, one thing that can guarantee stability amidst this fickle economic state is gold. It will remain unaffected from economic turmoil and inflation.

Benefits of a Physical Gold IRA

  • Gold is the most stable investment for the long term. By investing in a physical gold IRA you will be able to minimize the effects of inflation.
  • Irrespective of which asset you invest in, the fluctuations and whims found in free market enterprises will affect it. This is why inflation can lower the value of some investments.  However, a Gold IRA investment is time tested. It is the most unique and incorruptible investment around.
  • Gold cannot tarnish or rust. The chemical stability of gold resembles its financial and economic stability. In fact, most of the time, the price of gold will go up even when the value of currency goes down.

Planning for Retirement: Consider a Gold Backed IRA, a Foolproof Way to Financial Freedom

Whether you’re pondering about investing in precious metals through a Gold IRA Rollover, transfer or through a self-directed IRA, we can help.

Regal Assets is a top-rated Gold Investment firm with a vast knowledge of gold investing experience.  Our highly knowledgeable team of brokers and advisors specialize in making the whole process of precious metals investment an easy one.

Regal assets is a world renowned and prestigious Gold IRA/401K rollover firm and precious metal dealer who has successfully made thousands of retirement funds essentially recession proof.

With Regal, all it takes is a quick phone call to get started.  Their team of expert brokers are standing by and ready to handle your case.

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