How Does Kevin O’leary Feel About Investing in Gold?

Should I Diversify My Portfolio with Gold?

As smaller fish, sometimes it’s good to hear what the “Sharks” have to say…

As a huge fan of Shark Tank, I had to post this video.  It’s about 20 minutes long and the bottom line is Kevin O’leary loves gold.  As a matter of fact, he keeps 5% of his portfolio in gold.  2.5% is physical gold that he cuddles with every night, lol.  He admits that his holdings might be a bit on the smaller side compared to what some other top-tier advisors recommend (10-15%), but it works for him.

It’s the only security he owns that doesn’t pay a dividend.

He also says that he likes physical gold, as a stabilizer, not gold mining stocks.  “They are poorly managed” and the cost of mining gold keeps going up, and in his opinion will keep going up, and for that reason he wouldn’t touch mining stocks.

So, whether you like him or not, you’ve got to know that Kevin O’Leary is a shrewd business man to say the least.  If gold is good enough for his portfolio, it should be good enough for yours.

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