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Best Gold IRA Company Reviews

Gold IRA Reviews: Battle of the Bests!

The decision of owning gold in an IRA to secure the value of your savings is a brilliant first step. But now, it is time to move on to the second and most important one: Starting on a proactive search to find the best dealer who can provide you with the best gold assets to choose from.

In a world where options run high, finding something of true value can be tricky and a little overwhelming.

This is especially true when you are looking for a reputable precious metals investment firm; and your hard earned savings are involved.

To pick the best, you have to weed out both the “not-so-good” and the “good.”

So, to help make this overwhelming and complicated process a little smoother, we have for you some short reviews on 5 of the Top-Rated Gold IRA Companies in the United States, out of which one has been the reason for many financial investment success stories.

Gold IRA Reviews and Endorsements

Gold IRA Companies: Innumerable and Imperative

Before we get to the list, know that there are a wide range of Gold IRA Investment Firms ready to take your business. However, not all of them may fit your investing needs. In order to find the best, you will have to do some mining. It is not as easy as picking up a yellow book and calling the first option present.

Gold IRA Reviews: Comparing Famous Precious Metals Firms to Spot the Real Jewel

Here are some points to consider while evaluating Gold IRA Custodians: reputation, customer care, products available, pricing, and years in business.

The best Gold IRA firm should be able to provide you with the latest market trends and insights on the best investment options. They should provide you with an excellent customer service experience, regardless of the investment size.

A great investment company is one that is the most reputable. Reputation can be measured via testimonials, ratings, as well as reviews from TrustLink and of course the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Now that we know what to look for when assessing a company, let’s look at some good Gold Investment Companies:

Merit Gold & Silver (a.k.a. Merit Financial Services)

First Gold IRA Company Review

Founded in 1986, Merit Gold is one among the many famous gold IRA investing firms with a BBB rating of A+ and over 500 reviews on TrustLink.

However, it has received more than 60 complaints over a period of three years. It does not provide the option of online sales. No discounts and deals are available based on order size. Product delivery takes a long time, and shipping rates are very high for small orders.

American Bullion, Inc.

Second Gold IRA Review

American Bullion is another fairly trusted name in the gold investment industry. It has a BBB rating of A- with 15 complaints lodged over the course of last three years and only has 3 reviews on Trustlink with decent customer reviews (at the time this article was written).

American Bullion is a fairly new company, which means that American Bullion probably does not have the same amount of experience as some of the other bigger and more prestigious gold IRA companies.

Lexi Capital

Third Gold IRA Company Review

Founded recently in 2010, Lexi Capital has a BBB rating of A- and has had only one complaint since its inception. Moreover, it only has one review on Trustlink.

As you can see, Lexi Capital is a new player in the industry, but the lack of a proven track record should concern you.

Capital Gold Group, Inc.

Fourth Gold IRA Review

An ideal alternative in terms of rating is Capital Gold. Capital has a BBB rating of A+ and 17 complaints in the last three years. Trustlink gives it a 5 star based on 121 reviews. However, the BBB complaints indicate some miscommunications with regards to the types of coins ordered and management fees…beware.

Saved the best for last….

Regal Assets, LLC – #1 Rated Gold IRA Company

Top-Rated Gold IRA Review

Of all the Gold Investment Companies, Regal Assets Clearly wins the race with a BBB rating of A+, over 170 reviews and a 5-star rating on TrustLink. Regal has only had two customer complaints in the last three years. It also has a five star rating on, a website that is known to perform in depth company analysis.

Regal Assets has an outstanding reputation in the industry and an impressively low number of customer complaints.

The Best Gold IRA Company out of all the reviews: Regal Assets

Best Gold IRA CompanyThe best part is that Regal Assets has decades of diverse experience along with very knowledgeable team of highly intelligent advisors. Regal has a very competitive pricing structure and a fantastic team of customer service agents ready to serve their customers, 24×7.  Order a complimentary copy of their coveted gold investing guide by clicking here.

Their service has been admired by many, even gaining them endorsements from celebrities and famous financiers.

For a more in depth review on Regal Assets, download the information kit by clicking here.

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