Why Is The Price of Gold and Silver Dropping?

Why is Gold Falling?

If you want to know why the price of gold is falling over the past several months, watch the video below, or read the short summary. The video is an interview with Peter Schiff where he explains why the price of gold has been falling and what is the long term forecast for gold – […]

How Does Kevin O’leary Feel About Investing in Gold?

Gold Investing Opinion - Kevin O'Leary

Should I Diversify My Portfolio with Gold? As smaller fish, sometimes it’s good to hear what the “Sharks” have to say… As a huge fan of Shark Tank, I had to post this video.  It’s about 20 minutes long and the bottom line is Kevin O’leary loves gold.  As a matter of fact, he keeps […]

Global Demand for Gold Soars Higher than Ever

Gold Globe

April 2013 was a turning point of sorts for the gold investment industry. Gold fever struck and people started to transfer their investments from gold-backed paper investments to physical bullion. According to the World Gold Council, this flip-flop, fueled by a gold price drop in mid-April, has left many shops empty, forcing refineries to start […]