Gold IRA Account

Gold IRA Account Benefits

An Insurance Policy for Your Investment Portfolio

Here’s a topic that can make even the richest investors in the world cringe with nervousness: The Big “I”.

Inflation is the crabgrass of every savings account. It is like a powerful black hole that, within minutes, can leach out all the value of your once invaluable assets. It can corrode a portfolio’s purchasing power, gradually, year after year, sometimes flaring, till your assets worth becomes significantly devalued.

Assets that are highly sensitive to the devastating effects of inflation include stocks, equity, bonds and most importantly……. paper currencies.

In May of 2012, there was $1.103 trillion in circulation, and as of May 2013 there are $ 1.185 trillion in circulation. That’s a 7.45% increase in merely a year.

When there is too much of something, its value decreases. It is the same with dollars. What a $100 can buy today, will be in the $1000’s in ten years.

Besides inflationary concerns, many investors turn to gold during time of war, political calamity and other financial crisis like an increase in debt.

How do you protect your account from getting damaged by inflation and economic recessions?

Through Portfolio diversification…Click Here for your own Gold IRA Account Investment Kit, Free of Charge!

More specifically, by diversifying your portfolio by investing in precious metals- Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium. They have intrinsic value and act as an inflationary shield.

Here we will talk about the master of all: Gold.

With the dwindling economy and crashing stocks (even though they may be on a temporary uptick – for no apparent reason), many people are opting to invest in Gold: an asset that has head on faced a plethora of economic turmoil throughout the decades.

For thousands of years, man has always had a special relationship with Gold. It has always been associated with wealth, power and beauty. Its glitter has fancied the likes of kings and queens. It has been the cause of wars, as well as showmanship of power.

It is not surprising then, to note that its value has always appreciated over time. As with any other investment assets, there may be slight dips, but in the long run gold has always provided valuable returns.

In fact, during the major economic collapse in 2008 when all financial assets including gold became liquidated, Gold was the only one that recovered with its value higher than ever before.

Gold to Stock Market Performance Comparison

As you can see in the chart above, the value of gold has constantly increased- especially after the economic crisis of 2008.

On tension filled days where the value of paper currencies, stocks and bonds have gone tumbling down, Gold has stood strong growing more powerful than ever before.

Gold Backed IRA: Golden Years Security

What better way to secure your future than by backing your IRA with most inflation proof asset in the world? Getting a Gold IRA Account could be the safest and wisest decision you will ever have made.

  • One of the most traded assets– Although liquidity is not the first thing you think of when purchasing gold, it is an important indicator of its worth. Gold is very liquid. It is traded all around the world 24×7. Depending on when you buy and sell, it is very easy to make a massive profit from gold.
  • Hedge against inflation– Many IRA investment options such as stocks, real estate and treasury have all been affected by inflation. In trying times, most of them have performed below par, and in fact, many have failed to bounce back since 2008. Gold is immune to currency devaluation, and currency domination competition.  Gold cannot be “printed” like paper money. This is why gold will always remain invaluable, especially during economic collapse and stock market crashes.
  • Diversification– Relying solely on paper based assets can prove to be a costly mistake. Records show that, paper money has always lost its value throughout the years. With the prices rising constantly, the value of a dollar is constantly dropping. Diversifying your investment plan with gold is a great way to protect yourself from a currency collapse.

U.S. Dollar Printing Press

Investing in a Physical Gold IRA

The IRS code has made it possible to own gold in a tax deferred account like an IRA. You can even convert your current IRA to a gold backed individual retirement account through a process called a Gold IRA rollover or by setting up a self-directed IRA account.

Creating a Gold Individual Retirement Account is easy, the hardest part is finding a trustworthy investment company who is reliable and well-known in the industry.  Click Here to find out why we’re A+ rated with the BBB.

BBB and Trust Links

Regal Assets is the premiere gold investment company. Regal is a leading National Gold IRA Company that has a successful track record with thousands of happy customers. Regal’s outstanding rates and team of top-notch brokers, has helped many gold investing enthusiasts achieve their financial dreams through gold.

Regal Asset holds all its precious metals in the Delaware Depository, guaranteeing the security of your investment. The company is known for treating you with courtesy and patience while answering all your questions on all types of gold retirement investments and other physical gold investments

Want to get started today?

For a limited time only, Regal Assets is offering a free gold investing kit which you can request by calling (877) 492-6201, or clicking on the button below. The kit has all the details you need to know to make an informed decision on whether to invest in a gold IRA account.

If you are new to Gold investments, it is highly recommended that you take advantage of this fantastic opportunity of receiving the kit for free.

Gold IRA Account Investing Kit

 Send my Gold IRA Account Kit

With Gold- Returns Are just about Guaranteed

The main advantage of investing in a gold IRA is the fact that the returns are historically better than any other investments. This is because the value of this precious metal does not fluctuate wildly and keeps appreciating over time.

Investment in gold also comes with certain tax advantages that are not found in other types of investment. Learn more in depth information about investing in precious metals by claiming your free Gold Kit today!

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